Route all traffic through your VPN

How to make sure all your network traffic is routed through your VPN?

That's a question that many people can't easily answer. Typical VPN setups rely on the prioritization of the operating system to route network traffic through the VPN. This setup works but connections from the outside are still coming in and once the connection to the VPN closes, the normal connection is used seamlessly.
This is nice but it defeats the purpose of a VPN for some folks as it might leak data through and because of unsecured connections (see the latest news about the KRACK vulnerability in WPA2).

What can you do about this issue?

Verify the encoding, it should be 'br'

Add Brotli compression to your Apache Server

Google's Brotli compression algorithm allows for great data savings and thus faster loading times of your website.

But how do you configure Apache for it? That's pretty simple: We will simply redirect requests to large, static files like JS and CSS to their compressed instances and add information about the encoding into the HTTP response header.

1. Compress the files:

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